Custom EMI filters and capacitors for aerospace and industry since 1962 (formerly Elpac Electronics).

Streamline Avionics, Inc.

Quality Policy

Streamline Avionics will earn customer loyalty by providing the highest quality products, services, and interaction experiences that create value for our customers

  1. We will ensure that all of our products meet or exceed their published specifications and customer requirements.
  2. We will maintain and continually improve the quality of our products, services and our quality management system.
  3. We will ensure that all of our products comply with relevant legal, safety, and regulatory requirements.
  4. We will monitor the quality of our customer interactions with the intent to improve our customer’s total experience. 
  5. We will establish quality requirements for suppliers, partners, and contractors and hold them accountable for compliance.
  6. We will hold Streamline Avionics employees accountable for meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Streamline Avionics, Inc. Supplier Quality Clauses

Streamline Avionics, Inc. Purchase Order Provisions
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