Custom EMI filters and capacitors for aerospace and industry since 1962 (formerly Elpac Electronics).
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Polyester - Z Series Capacitors

Z Series Metallized Polyester capacitors are designed for general purpose applications where space and weight considerations are important.  They are ideal for filtering, coupling or bypassing in high or low impedance circuits with AC or DC applications.

Z Series Capacitor Specifications
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Metallized Polypropylene - PM Series Capacitors

PM Series Metallized Polypropylene capacitors offer a unique combination of polyester properties with the stability of polycarbonate, plus higher IR and lower DF. 

PM Series Capacitor Specifications
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Polyester - MD Series Capacitors

MD Series Polyester Film-Foil capacitors are excellent for high current and high frequency applications where self-healing is not required.  They are ideal for high frequency pulse circuits where the foil layer minimizes the capacitor heating effect.  MD Series possess good insulation resistance and stability.

MD Series Capacitor Specifications
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